Size Guide

Here for Hazel Size Chart

How to Measure


Measure the fullest part across your chest. Make sure the tape isn't too tight, and you're relaxed.


Measure the smallest part of your waist while being relaxed. Make sure you aren't holding in your tummy, or standing up too tall.


Measure over the fullest part of your bum and hips including your lower tummy, if applicable. We've included this in our grading! ☺

Fit Notes


When choosing a size, go based on your waist measurement. Undies are stretchy and will accommodate your hip area more easily. Sizing up might make the waist band fit too loose.


    Due to the fact that we use only a 3/4" elastic, go based on your bust measurement. There is no long band to account for rolling.

    You can size down if you want a high-compression bra.

      As always, you can email us at for personal sizing and fit advice!