Meet Madison

“I hate wearing tight ass, wired bras, wedgy, cheap, ripped lace, polyester, bunching, scratchy, male gazed designed undergarments.”

Hey! My name is Madison, I am the CEO and founder of Here for Hazel.

When I was young and the time came for me to start wearing my first bra, I was so embarrassed. I hated the idea of being a grown woman, and even worse: sexy. I lived with embarrassment around my body for years, as many young girls do. I hated people commenting on my physical appearance or even looking at me. And above all, I HATED going to the mall, big-box intimates stores to shop for my undergarments. The thought of being spotted there by someone I knew made me so anxious.

As I grew older and developed my career in the fashion industry, I realised something integral. Sexiness wasn’t scary. What was scary was the way it was being presented to me. These big-box fashion brands were packaging up insecurities, eating disorders, and the desire to be liked and accepted into pretty images of women who “had it all” and selling it back to us as if it were attainable for us too, if only we purchased their product. 

I loved design and still wanted to work in the fashion industry. But I wanted to keep my work far from the toxic messages that many large companies were instilling in their customers. Thus, Here for Hazel was born out of a necessity for wearable, sexy, thoughtful intimates that empower women. While most brands design with only one body type in mind, our intimates are intentionally designed to look good on every shape and size. From wearable, everyday pieces to specialty, unique garments, my goal is to offer a different type of intimate shopping experience.

Madison Prangnell, Owner & Designer